JUNE 1ST 2016

On June 1st 2016 the globe will celebrate the first Ban Museums DAY. A single day when patrons will refrain from attending museums to spread AWARENESS in the returning of artifacts to their original homelands. The focus of this year’s Ban Museums Day is on pieces of the Parthenon (and from the Acropolis) being returned to the nation of Greece. Commonly known as The Parthenon Marbles or the Elgin Marbles, after their controversial removal by Thomas Bruce (the 7th Earl of Elgin) to the U.K. in 1801, and later to the British Museum in June 1816, the pieces of the Parthenon were taken during the occupation of Greece by a foreign presence. At this point in history, is it too much to recognize the vulnerable position of a country under siege?

Other museums with Parthenon pieces include…The Vatican, Musée du Louvre, National Museum of Copenhagen, Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna, Glyptothek in Munich, and the University Museum of Würzburg. What do these artifacts represent to these institutions, and what do they represent to the Hellenic culture?

In recognition of The Parthenon Marbles celebrating their 200th year in a foreign land, please refrain from attending museums on June 1st 2016. What is “1” day a year for a museum when the people of Greece have been waiting for centuries? Hopefully, through the sound of silent galleries the museums of the world will have a change of heart, and join with us on June 1st to bring awareness to the return of The Parthenon Marbles. As a reminder, this demonstration is not a condemnation on museums. This is a call to hold institutions to a higher standard and provide respect to the provenance of the artifacts.

Please, museums of the world join and help support this cause in any way possible.

Thank You for Your Support,

The Meropis Collegium

Other (unaffiliated) Groups Supporting the Return

-The British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles

-Marbles Reunited

-The Acropolis Museum